Robert Bagg: Poems, Greek Plays, Essays, Novels, Memoir

Performance Sites for Bagg's Tanslations

Amherst College (2)
Barnard College
Bloomington Town Theater, Indiana
Cambridge University, UK
Colby State College
Counterpoint Theater, Boston
Firehouse Theater, Toronto
Great Lakes Theater Festival, Cleveland
Groton School
Harvard Radcliffe Summer Theater
Hampshire College
Keene State College
Lehman College
Nazareth College
North Carolina School of the Arts
Prince Albert Community Players, Saskatchewan, Canada
Smith College
State University at Albany
University of Colorado
University of Illiinois at Champaign-Urbana
University of Manitoba
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina
University of San Diego
Universiry of San Francisco
University of Trent, Canada
University of Utah (6)
Viterbo University (Feb 2012)
Wesleyan (2)
West Potomac High, Alexandria, Virginia
William and Mary College
Yale Drama School (2)
Outdoor performances
Galatos and Epidauros Greece
Nashville, Tennessee
Venice, California